Auction! Painting ‘The lady and her dog’

Donated by the artist himself, we are officially allowed to auction this magnificent painting! 50% of the proceeds will go to VagabunDogs association.



Don’t hesitate to seize this special opportunity and make your bid. Just contact us! On Facebook, or e-mail.

Little gift: free wallpaper

We have so many happy dog photos, we would like to share them with you. So we have a freebie, a little gift! You can download a free wallpaper for your smartphone. This one is with Debbie, a real Vagabundogs dog that found a lovely new home. We hope you like it!


Download the free wallpaper

Download size 720 x 1280     (for most smartphone, e.g. Samsung, Sony, HTC)
Download size 640 x 1136   (iPhone 5, 5s)
Download size 640×960       (iPhone 3, 4, 4s)


Vikki and Anna on video!

See how the two still small sisters are doing their first training on the lead… perhaps not the best training ever, but fun to watch!  Both girls are still available for adoption! Check them out in ‘Our dogs’…!

Zie hie beide, nog steeds kleine, zusjes hun eerste ‘aan de lijn’ training krijgen. Misschien is het niet de perfecte training, maar zeker leuk om naar te kijken! Beide zusjes zijn nog vrij voor adoptie. Kijk bij ‘Onze honden’ om meer over ze te weten te komen.



Anna 2


Anna is the sister of Vikki, and also lucky to have survived her bad start, being thrown away as ‘ rubbish’  in the bins… But luckily she and Vikki were found just in time and with a lot of TLC by our fosterhome they made it to this life! Anna is a very sweet puppy, she is very loving and playful and cute. Anna will probably become a medium sized dog. She grows up as a house/companion dog in our fosterhome and is used to other dogs.

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Dit zijn de pups toen ze net waren gevonden


Vikki 2


Vikki was one of the two puppies that survived a start in a garbage bag 🙁 ! She and her sister Anna were found just in time and taken to our fosterhome in Portugal, where they were cared for very intense and now, 5 weeks later, they are up and running and doing great. Vikki is a ‘character’, very curious, always going her own way and doing what she likes to do! Vikki will probably a medium sized dog. She is used to other dogs and growing up in a ‘home’ as a housedog.[divider_line type=”divider_line,divider_linetop,divider_blank,clear”]



Funding from Holland

In march Inge, a dutch volunteer, was here in Spain to help us with the dogs and with our new website. Still in Holland she started some fundraising, among friends, family and colleagues. We’re very pleased with the amount of money we’ve received: € 850,-. Thanks for the support!


New website

We’re glad to introduce to you our brand new website! From now on we can manage our website on our own. This means you’ll find our dogs and cats here, with photos and descriptions. We’re still working on the English version and a Spanish version will be next. What do you think about our new website?



Barnaby is a very happy and nice puppy, lots of character and very playful. Barnaby has received the normal vaccination, also rabies, he has a chip and a passport.

Barnaby has a happy new home now in Germany.

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Update van het nieuwe baasje van Nadia:

Hier even een berichtje om te vertellen dat alles heel goed gaat met Nadia. Ze is duidelijk erg goed gesocialiseerd, want het is zo’n evenwichtig hondje! Na een paar dagen rustig wennen had ze haar draai al snel gevonden. Ze is vrolijk en nieuwsgierig, lief en aanhankelijk en luistert goed. Ze vindt het leuk om met me mee op pad te gaan in de auto, waarheen dan ook. Het allerleukste vindt ze buiten rennen en spelen en dat doen we dan ook heel vaak. Binnen kan ze goed overweg met de poezen, die ziet ze echt als roedelgenoten. Ik kan nu al niet meer zonder haar, we zijn een topduo! Bedankt voor het opvangen van dit lieve hondje en succes met jullie goede werk.

About Nadia
Nadia was with her sister Nikki (both 8 months) and is doing fabulous at our fosterhome. They are playful but also quiet, they are very peaceful a dogs and used to cats! It would be wonderful to find them a home together but they can also be homed separate. They are only about 8 kilos! It might not show on the pictured but they are quite small sized dogs and finely built.

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nadia3 nadia 2


Juliette (7 months old) was born in the ‘canil’ last year ( a portugese dogpound). How puppies can be perceived and born in a dogpound is beyond our comprehension, but this is not Julietta’s fault! She was lucky to be adopted by a very nice dogloving Portugese woman, and the next months of her still very short life have been nice and safe. But, bad fate came to them, because her ´mommy´ got very ill and now needs heavy surgeries on her head. Her husband works all day and cannot look after Julietta. Also, her mommy knows that after her surgery she will need lots of time to recover and a young, playful dog around is not the right thing to have then. She would not be able to give Julietta what she needs. It breaks her heart because she would do anything for Julietta, but in this situation it is really not good for both of them to stay together. VagabunDogs has offered to help Julietta and her mummy to find her a new home. Meanwhile Julietta will stay in a good dog pension.

Julietta has been living with a cat together. She is playful, has lots of energy, she is housetrained and socialised, used to walk on and off the lead. Julietta needs a home where she has enough room and time to use her energy. To be with another young dog(s) would be perfect for her! Juliette is a medium size slender built dog, she probably has some podenco and greyhound genes inside her as well. Juliette will get spayed soon.

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