Foxy lady

This old lady dog was found last week, collapsing and having seizures at the street in Villablanca. When we were alarmed we went to the place where she was seen and took her immediately to the vet. She had been there for hours and nobody helped her… Foxy Lady, as we named this granny foxterrier, was in a terrible state of neglection. Fur full of knots, dirt and parasites. Dehydrated. Anemic. Completely neglected and this is what almost killed her. Two days intensive care in the vet clinic made her recover but now she still needs special care, tlc and good food for a complete and deep recovery. We need a fosterhome for this Foxy lady and financial aid to pay for her vetbill. She is good with cats… Who can foster this granny during and after Christmas? End the year and start next year with a good deed!