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Help Ayana Recover! We need your help!

Ayana is in a fosterhome in Holland and got hit by a car the 27th of June. She just ran over the road while a car just left and the gate open for just a second. A stupid accident.

An elderly couple who drove around 50km/hour hit her on her side. They couldnt stop because she suddenly came from the side of the road.

Jessica rushed her to the hospital in Nieuwegein, in shock and heavy breathing. They did a lot of tests and got her stable enough to make photos. The result is that she only has broken hip bones. The hip is broken on multiple places but with only 1 operation on 1 side she could walk again. Its a very heavy operation for her and costs 1700 euro. And the bill from the accident to now is already 1500 euro. Tomorrow they will operate her. Today (29th of june) in the afternoon we will receive the exact hour of operation and hopefully Jessica can give her a lot of cuddles tonight. Till now, because of Corona, she were not allowed to be with Ayana. At least she has her own toy and blanket with her, that Jessica brought to her.

About Ayana: Ayana is a mix border collie, born may 2019 in Villablanca. Her mother is a full Border Collie, her father a mix spanish hunterdog breed. Ayana was locked in a garden, we had her till 15th of June 2020 till Jessica could foster her. When with Jessica, she was like she belonged there. Immediatly she felt very loved by Jessica. Jessica is 6 days a week working with Wouter and Dominique who adopted Luna from us. Jessica fostered Luna as well as Seanna for us. All very succesfull adoptions came out of her hands. There where families interested in Ayana already but then this accident happened. The interested families didnt had the oppertunity to meet Ayana yet. Ayana was actually playing with Luna in the garden. Someone left the property and the gate was open and unattended for just a couple of seconds, enough for Ayana to run over the street and hit a car who was passing by.

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update 30-06-20

The Operation went well! Jessica called with a very friendly doctor who was going to operate on her. He explained what he was going to do and after operation called telling her all went well! The break is on a thin part of the hip and so the recovery need to go slow. They put some screws and a plate in. When she is responding well, they will take out the Catheter and take her outside for her pee. When all that goes well, Ayana can go home with Jessica tomorrow !

update 03-07-20

Ayana heeft een goede eerste nacht thuis gehad! Bij aankomst thuis was ze zo blij om iedereen te zien. Ze kwispelt goed en geeft veel kusjes. We hebben een grote bench voor haar waar ze lekker rustig in kan liggen om te herstellen. We waren een beetje bezorgd omdat ze al meer dan 24 uur niet had geplast. Maar gelukkig heeft ze dat vanavond wel gedaan! We gaan een paar keer per dag met dr naar buiten voor een frisse neus en de benen te strekken. Dit doet ze al aardig goed en steeds weer met wat meer vertrouwen. Een voorpootje is nog wat pijnlijk wat het niet makkelijk voor dr maakt maar het is een doorzetter! De kap die ze op heeft vind ze maar niks, morgen krijgt ze een opblaasbare collar, dat zal een stuk fijner voor dr zijn!