Spunky needs fostering on a distance

Some of you know.. Spunky is a very nice gentle dog and loves to cuddle. But there is a problem, he has HD and thats why he is expensive and not very suitable for adoption. So thats why he will probably stay with us a long time. Untill there is a loving soul who want to give him a nice home as long as his life goes on. We are fine having him around, but he needs supplement and thats why we post this..

We are looking for someone who wants to support him financially. He needs 2 types of natural supplements to help his bones and muscles. And because he has weak digestive system, he needs pre and pro biotics. We made a calculation about last month and it comes down to €83,63/month what he needs extra beside his normal food and all the love we give him. Maybe there is someone out there who can´t have a dog, but wants to “foster on a distance”? If you want more information about him and his medical history or future prospect, please ask us. We are happy to give you insights. If you are interested in donating, you can find our bank details on our website and also a paypal donate button. Please put Spunky in the discription.

Here the link of the supplements: